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Stock cabinets are usually pre-built, placed in cartons or pallets and warehoused. The actual cabinets are modular units, based on industry sizing standards. There are also standard height dimensions for base, wall, vanity and tall cabinets. Oftentimes, the consumer will be required to install the cabinets themselves or to contract with the vendors’ installer.

Stock cabinets are available on a short lead time. Stock means quicker availability, relatively limited selection, standard construction and lower cost. The cabinets are usually stored at a distribution warehouse, ready for pick-up or delivery.

Semi-Custom cabinets offer the consumer a better selection of cabinet options than do stock cabinets. Each of the cabinets will have a list of modifications available. In many cases, the list of options, including finishes, limits the flexibility. Semi-custom cabinets are built after the order is received. Because the order must be placed into the production schedule and then manufactured, there is usually a longer lead-time than with stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are, for the most part, constructed and finished in-house by local cabinetry shops such as Delton Cabinets. Delton’s facility is equipped to produce the cabinet box, panels, drawers, doors and accessories such as wine storage facilities, hood boxes and entertainment system cabinetry.

Custom cabinets allow the consumer complete freedom in the design and construction of the cabinetry. There are no “standard cabinet sizes” to inhibit design or manufacturing.

Generally speaking, custom cabinets will offer a more flexible, personalized kitchen layout. There is usually an increase in the investment versus stock or semi-custom cabinets but the value received will be well worth it!

*Adapted from the Kitchen and Bath Network

Some cabinet suppliers do not offer information or disclose data on their standard components and low quality drawer slides can have a negative impact on functionality of your cabinets. At Delton Cabinets, our standard drawer slides are full-extension slides rated at 45 Kg (100 pounds). This means that the full depth of the drawer can be extended from the cabinet which allows easier access to the items stored within the drawer. Each drawer can hold 45 Kg (100 pounds) of cutlery, pots and pans or other storage materials without stressing, warping or becoming un-attached.

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