Staff Feature: Scott


We sat down with Scott Reeb, President of Delton Cabinets to learn more about him and his journey with the Delton brand.

Q: How long have you been with Delton Cabinets?

A: I’ve been with Delton for almost 22 years. Prior to coming to Delton, I worked in the electronics and furniture business, both in sales and in management. I also had my own carpentry business.

I decided around the age of 30 that I wanted a change and decided to become a Journeyman Cabinet Maker. I really enjoy working with my hands and the carpentry work. Delton Cabinets was the company who first apprenticed me.

Q: Tell us more about how your journey from Apprentice to President.

A: After I began apprenticing, I worked my way up to being a supervisor and then eventually Assistant Plant Manager. Then I became Plant Manager, then Operations Manager. In 2013, the company re-structured and I became a part of a new ownership group for Delton. Here we are in 2018 where I am now the President of the company.

Q: What’s your favourite part of working at Delton Cabinets?

A: The people here are like my family. I really enjoy having something at the end of the day that you actually made. In sales you can’t always see a finished product. Seeing the kitchens that you made and see the results is amazing, especially when your customers feel the same joy that you do from the work.

Q: Tell us more about Delton’s new company, Cupboards Express.

A: We started Cupboards Express in 2015. We saw that there was a new trend and people were looking for quick, convenient and lots of selection. There’s a new paradigm, people want it right now. They also seem to want something that is more simple. Yet, they still want design options. We studied what other companies, like Ikea, were doing and thought we could do it better.

No one else offers semi-custom cabinetry in two weeks. We drove to do that. It took a of experimenting but we are proud to offer over 350 selections to our customers with Cupboards Express.

Q: What would you say is your favourite type of cabinet?

A: I actually prefer the simplicity of the NexGen Doors. They have high-quality composite material and it’s very durable and elegant and simple and easy to clean. I’m actually working on putting them in my own kitchen at home.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I have a wife and two sons at home. I love to paddle board and spend time in the river valley. I also do my own artwork and poetry in my spare time.

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