Staff Feature: Singh


We sat down with Singh, our Store Manager for Cupboards Express South to learn more about him and his time with Cupboards Express and Delton Cabinets.

Q: Tell us about your role at Cupboards Express

A: I am the Store Manager at our south side location. I help with the sales and manage the other employees that work with me. I have been working for the company since March 2017.

Q: What did you do before here?

A: I worked at Ikea as a kitchen designer and was also a drafting engineer for a promotional company.

Q: In your opinion, what makes Cupboards Express a better choice versus Ikea?

At Cupboards Express, our cabinets come fully-assembled. It makes it easy to install and they’re sold with a 5/8 backing. The nice thing is that if there are any problems, your cabinets can be fixed locally and not outsourced back to another company.

Q: What would you say is your favourite cabinet type?

A: Definitely the NexGen line. It’s much more durable than anything else. NexGen is also easy to maintain and cost effective. 

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I like to play sports including volleyball, basketball and softball. I also enjoy spontaneous long drives. One day I just decided to go on a random drive to Calgary for the day because I like driving so much.

I also have a Bachelors Degree in Math and Physics as well as a Diploma from NAIT in Architecture Technology. Right now, I’m trying to get better at math by being able to run estimations without a computer and only in my head. I like to think I have a good memory!

Q: What is your favourite part of working for Cupboards Express and Delton Cabinets?

A: I like that it’s not just work. It’s my life and my family. I like coming to work every day. Even if I have the day off I still like to come in and check on things.