At Delton Cabinets, we offer a variety of material and finishes.

We highly recommend that you visit our showroom to see these options for yourself.



Oak is known for its distinctive grain pattern and texture making it an excellent choice if you are looking for long lasting durable cabinets. It finishes well and colour varies from white, pink and red with streaks of green, yellow and even black from mineral deposits. Red oak often comes with straight or arched grain. The new look for oak is quarter sawn oak which has a consistent texture and pattern with a straight grain that has a slight fleck to it.



If you are looking for a wood that will match any style then maple is an excellent option. It is one of the most popular choices due to its straight grain and uniform pattern. The colour can range from white to creamy-white with the occasional reddish brown tones. Some of the characteristic markings may be fine brown lines, wavy or curly grain, bird’s eye “dots” and mineral streaks. Lighter finishes will yellow slightly over time.



Cherry is known as a classic, sophisticated wood choice. Its rich undertones of reddish brown combined with a fine texture and straight grain make it the high end classic choice. Due to its sensitivity to light, it will mature to a lustrous dark reddish colour at a rapid rate with time and exposure to sunlight. Some of the characteristic markings of this wood type are sap marks, pink knots, mineral streaks and pitch pockets (worm holes).



The warmth, strength and beauty of this premium wood species are unmatched. It has graceful patterns and muted brown tones that range from deep chocolate to light reddish-gray brown. Walnut’s true beauty is showcased when a clear or light stain is added to enhance the color. Over time walnut will lighten to add a golden tone to the wood.



The rustic appearance of this wood has one of the most dramatic variation, within a single piece of wood, going from almost white to a deep dark brown. Its bold grain pattern is due to the naturally contrasting appearance of the heartwood and sapwood. It is known to have burls, mineral streaks and small sound knots that are unique characteristic not defects.



MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is the ideal choice for solid paint colours. MDF is made from breaking down hardwoods and softwoods into wood fibers then combining these fibers with resins. The mixture is then put under heat and pressure to create a smooth surface with a consistent core. MDF is durable and more resistant to warping, expansion and contraction than solid hardwood.



If you are looking for the most durable five piece door option on the market, then Nexgen is the choice for you. It is an affordable option compared to wood as the woodprint technology simulates the texture of wood, providing the look of a carefully worked real wood product with the durability and consistency of an engineered product. The outside stiles and rails are fully wrapped in a polyester infused paper while the center panel is a matching durable melamine, making for a high heat and scratch resistant option. The colour and style choices are increasing at a rapid rate as this technology is far superior to Thermafoil or PVC Doors.