Three Custom Cabinets Ideas that Aren’t for the Kitchen or the Bathroom

Typically when people think custom cabinetry, they envision kitchens or bathrooms. While those are certainly common projects, we can do custom work for any room of the house! Here are three custom cabinet ideas that aren’t for the kitchen or the bathroom:

Rohit Laundry_preview.jpeg

Laundry room

Custom cabinetry in the laundry room can take a major load off when it comes to chores! A pull-out shelf above the washer/dryer allows you to fold clothes right away, while being efficient on space. A fold-out drying rack, or ironing board are other great choices if you are tight on space. Careful cabinetry choices in the laundry room also allow for a sense of continuity throughout the home if you use the same cabinet material and style as other rooms in the home.


Wine rack

We have worked on our fair share of custom wine racks for homeowners in Edmonton, and each one is so unique! A good wine rack doubles as both a practical solution for the wine collectors, but also as a beautiful focal point and conversation piece for the room. Your guests won’t be able to decide whether they are more jealous of the wine collection or the wine rack!


Custom closet

One of the most personal parts of your home is your closet! The number of drawers, how big they are, whether you want single or double rods for hanging, all depend on what type of garments you own and how you like to organize them. A custom built closet ensures that everything fits just right. Need closet inspiration? Check out our post on custom closet solutions.

At Delton Cabinets, we believe your home should be as unique as you are! We build beautiful, custom, handcrafted cabinets right here in Edmonton, Alberta. If you are looking for new cabinets get in touch with us today.

Alexandra Kulas