5 Custom Closet Solutions


When we think of renovations that increase a home’s resale value, we usually think of the kitchen and the bathroom as the top choices. While it often gets overlooked, closets and storage space are extremely valuable to homebuyers. One poll revealed that 60% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for a walk-in closet space (a higher number than those willing to pay more for an en-suite bathroom or a fireplace!).

Whether you’re hoping to increase your home’s value, or simply creating your dream space, here are five custom closet solutions to consider.

Problem: Limited closet space
Solution: Double rods

If you maximize space in the closet, this minimizes the need for large heavy dressers in the bedroom, and creates a one-stop shop experience when getting dressed. If the majority of your clothes are short enough for two rows of rods (pants, blouses, blazers) then this is an excellent use of space. A custom closet allows you to have a mix of double rods and single rods (for longer items like dresses), based on your personal needs.

Problem: Piles of dirty laundry
Solution: Built-in removable laundry hamper

No one likes having a heap of dirty laundry, whether it’s in a basket or in a pile on the floor. Adding a laundry hamper to the closet that can be removed and carried to the washer, adds convenience and reduces clutter in the bedroom.

Problem: You forget the jewelry and watches you own
Solution: Jewelry pull-out drawer in the closet

Jewelry boxes do the job, but often we forget the items we have when they are tucked away, or worse, in a tangled mess in the box. A few sliding drawers that your accessories can lay flat on will have you feeling like a movie star (and will make your life easier!)

Problem: No place to store your shoes
Solution: Add a dedicated shoe space

With a custom closet, the sky’s the limit. You can display your shoes in rows, or have them tucked away neatly in drawers. With custom solutions, the possibilities are endless! If you’d like to discuss options for your closet or bedroom, get in touch. High quality, customized work is our speciality.

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